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Commercial Video Director

Adam Patch Productions



Executive Director

Institute for Public Safety and Social Justice

Adler University

Founder and CEO

The Center for Creative Arts Therapy

Hip Hop Artist, Educator, and Founder

We The Willing Inc.

Rachel Villagomez

Activist, Entrepreneur, and Spanish Teacher

Lesley Etherley

Founder and Executive Director

Contexture Media Network

Director of Civic Engagement

Earl and Brenda Shapiro Center for Research &  Collaboration

Founder and Executive Director

Ask Big questions

Administrative Director

African American Arts Alliance

Chicago Billboards and Outdoor Advertising


Public Narrative


Haughton Bowen  +  Jermaine Moss  +   Luna Anico Sanchez  +  Bank of America Matching Gifts  +   Stacey Burke  +   Dr. Chester Branch  +  Larry Clare  +  Effee Coello  +  Duane de Four  +  Andrea Diederich  +  Irene Dixon Johnson  +  Stephanie Gabriel  +  Eric Hamilton  +  Victoria Hom  +  Heather Imrie  +  Tish M  + Kamile Malik  +  Monique Mitchell   +  Moseley Moliere  +  Winnyanne Nelson  +  Patrick Oliver  +  Omega Health Care Investors  +  Sandra Pinski  +  Roger PS  +  Jasenka Sabanovic  +  Ellen Samuels + Millicent Johnson  + Maria Sands  +  Sandra Sarmonpal  +  Lataniah Smith   +  Rachel Villagomez  +  Shani Walter  +  Mark Warren  +  Kim Welch  +  Karen Wynne  +  Gary Yin  +  Philip Young  + Juan Braun + Kanav Bhatheja + Rodney Leger + Celeste Villanueva + Trushar B + Howard Fuller + Krassi Boboshevesky + Kamali Carroll + Duane de Four + Iman Yawahry + Herb Mitchell

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