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Call-for-Art 2018

NYAM is partnering with Get Loud Now, a political postcard platform, as a featured content provider. The purpose of Get Loud Now is to make postcard activism an easy and streamlined process that individuals and groups can use to contact city, state, and national politicians in order to have a direct impact on the political process for issues like gun violence legislation. As a content provider, NYAM artists will design artwork to be used in local and national gun violence prevention campaigns.


Youth/Emerging Artists between the ages of 12-and-25 years old who are interested in the opportunity to participate in NYAM’s partnership with Get Loud Now are asked to complete and submit their artwork by following the directions in the art exercise and having a teacher or mentor submit the recommendation form. 

NYAM will accept artwork throughout the summer until Saturday, August 18.  

Download: Art Exercise: 

Download: Teacher/Mentor Recommendation Form:

Past NYAM Artworks: "Art For Our Lives" Campaign

Submission Guidelines

If youth/emerging artists between the ages of 12 and 25 years old choose to submit their art to NYAM for consideration to be selected to participate in the Get Loud Now postcard campaign, and a possible outdoor art tour, the following must be submitted by the deadline of Saturday, August 18 at 5 pm for the call for art:

  • At minimum a 300 DPI JPEG in color of the artwork. The file should be named as follows: LastName_FirstName_ArtworkTitle.jpg

  • 500-word essay on the meaning of the artwork submitted, the significance of objects in the artwork, and what message this artwork is meant to communicate and to whom. Included on this document should be the artist’s full name, age, phone number, home address, and email as well as confirmation of availability to take part in ALL four workshops in June. LastName_FirstName_ArtworkTitle.pdf

  • A confidential recommendation and ranking must also be submitted by a teacher or mentor by the May 29 deadline – see attached form to be completed for each submission. The file should be named as follows: Artist’sLastName_FirstName_Recommendation.jpg

Your artwork, essay, and recommendation should be submitted separately. All items should be submitted to the Dropbox on this page no later than 5:00 PM on Saturday, August 18.

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