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Resources: How to Create a Movement

"Start With Why" This Ted Talk by Simon Sinek provides a unique perspective on how to motivate people. He explains that while we think people will be compelled to buy our product or join a cause because of “what” we have, the truth is people are most intrigued by “why” we do things. The main message: People don’t do things because of rational thought, but are led instead by their beliefs and their emotions. So how do you tap into that? Watch and learn!

"Black Lives Matter: How to Build a Movement in 3 Steps" This video, featuring Black Lives Matter organizer Angela Peoples, gives succinct information in just over two minutes on key aspects of how a movement starts and how to maintain that movement. The catalyst for action discussed here is what she calls “Fed-up-ness.”

"Art as a Weapon" 1/7 This link is to the first of seven videos that comprise a longer documentary called “Art as a Weapon.” This video gives background information on humanitarian issues and conflicts in Myanmar (located in Southeast Asia), shows the impact of learning street art techniques on first time student artists, and gives a snippet of an interview with legendary street artist Shephard Fairey -- “Art is a tool to promote good, and the more of it that’s out there is the more of a weapon for good it is.”

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